Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the shelf life of your product?
A: Our product is produced with a one year shelf life.

Q: Many of your products offered on the website are not available in retail stores?
A: Unfortunately, due to the artisanal methods we utilize, many of our products cannot be mass produced for the retail market place and only available on a limited basis on – line.

Q: Are your products Gluten Free?
A: We are not certified gluten free but our red lentil, sweet potato, chick pea and kale / pea products contain no wheat and are produced in a separate facility from our wheat crafted offerings.

Q: Over the past year your products have often been out of stock?
A: Yes the demand for our products was initially very overwhelming. We have since reinvested in our equipment and facility. We now have the capacity to service our current customers on select products.

Q: Is your product available for wholesale distribution?
A: We use Avid Gourmet Inc. to facilitate all our distribution requirements.

Q: Our retail location would like to carry your products; how do we inquire?
A: Please click our retail inquiry menu, our partnered distributor will contact you regarding distribution.

Q: Are your products available for food service applications?
A: Not at this time we are concentrating on fulfilling our current market partners. We hope in the future to accommodate this request.